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The Making of Fossil Creek Trading Company’s Gourmet Coffees:

Commitment To Quality Products

The focus of Fossil Creek Trading Company has always been to provide a superior product with a focus on meeting the customer’s needs. Attention to detail is given to each item from the ingredients that make up our coffees to the attractive packaging. For Fossil Creek Trading Company, the hunt to find products is more fun than work. Fossil Creek Trading Company’s trademark is to provide quality, consistency and guaranteed satisfaction with each and every product.

Roasting coffee is truly an art. All of Fossil Creek Trading Company's coffees are 100% Arabica, hand-picked and grown on mountain elevations more than 3,000 feet. All of our roasts are air roasted is considered to be one of the most consistent roasting methods. An Air Roaster suspends the beans in the roasting chamber on a bed of hot air. The tumbling action created by the circulating hot air removes the bitter "chaff" that surrounds each coffee bean.

But it isn't only the roasting process that guarantees the fresh flavors of our coffees. Only the top 5% of the best coffee beans available are used in our gourmet coffees.

Original Blends

Fossil Creek Trading Company offers original blends of gourmet coffee in attractive packaging. In fact, to complement our coffees an Arizona artist was commissioned to create many of the labels on our products. Fossil Creek’s original blends include:

·Mogollon Mudd and Mogollon Mudd Decaf. (Whole Bean or Ground) Made from Colombian coffee beans. Medium body with balanced acidity.

·Mountain Blend and Mountain Blend Decaf. (Whole Bean or Ground) A rich, full-bodied coffee with a dark-roast blend.

·Sedona Blend and Sedona Blend Decaf. (Whole Bean or Ground) A mellow espresso blend with an exceptional amount of crema.

·Southwestern Red Chile Coffee (Ground) A special blend that heralds the Southwest with a hint of spices unique to the region.

Regional blends include the Payson Rodeo Roast and the Zane Grey Cabin Cowboy Roast.

Flavored Coffee Blends

Inspired by Route 66, our flavored coffee blends start with prime Central American beans. After the coffee beans are roasted and still warm, the coffee beans are flavored with liquid extracts.

Our Route 66 coffees include:

Illinois Blend - Irish Creme
Missouri Blend - Southern Pecan
Kansas Blend - Hazelnut
Oklahoma Blend - Chocolate Macademia
Texas Blend - Toffee
New Mexico Blend - Cafe Mexicana
Arizona Blend - Vanilla Cinnamon Twist
California Blend - Creme Brulee

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. In addition, we adhere to a strict privacy policy that means your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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