About Us


The Beginnings of Fossil Creek Trading Company

For many years he traveled – across America and then moving on to foreign shores. Always in search of an adventure: always wanting to bring back something that would remind him of his journey. His family looked forward to all of the packages sent home. One never knew what might be in the package. The anticipation was just as great as if it were Christmas. There was always something for someone.

Some years later, he realized he was on to something. People were always looking forward to the gifts he brought back. It was then the entrepreneur behind Fossil Creek Trading Company knew he could combine what he enjoyed doing into a viable business – providing customers with unique items. As a result, Fossil Creek Trading Company came to be more than a decade ago.

Fossil Creek Trading Company has grown over the years and offers customers products that are a cut above the rest from gourmet coffees to gift items. Each product is selected with care. From travels to Guatemala and Peru came handcrafted items such as colorful beaded accessories.

A staple while visiting Guatemala was the flavorful coffee. A natural extension was to develop a coffee line and thus genesis of the Fossil Creek Trading Company's gourmet coffee line. What started with the founding coffees such as Mogollon Mudd and Southwestern Red Chile, has now grown into a full line of Arizona-themed and Route 66-themed coffees.

One of the newest outlets of growth is an Internet presence, which allows customers greater access to Fossil Creek Trading Company. Additionally, Fossil Creek Trading Company has added a network of 30 websites focusing on cities and towns throughout Arizona. Each site provides comprehensive information about Arizona from attractions to photos.

See for yourself...visit us online at: www.thearizonabuzz.com.